Rodd Hogg is 'The Irish Magician'.

Fresh from his Hit Sky TV Show in 2016, 'The Irish Magician', Rodd has become the most sought after professional magician, in the country.

Rodd specialises in close-up magic. He is able to borrow your coins, your rings, or even your cards, and perform truly amazing magic right in front of your eyes. He will make your event one that is talked about for years to come.

Rodd is also the only professional pickpocket in Northern Ireland. Whilst mingling with your guests he will steal their watches, wallets, phones and ties etc... but worry not, he is an honest pickpocket, always returning the items he steals to their rightful owners, much to the amazement of all who are watching. This type of specialist entertainment will literally blow your guests away.

Rodd is also a trained hypnotist. He is the only entertainer in the country that performs this art in a close-up environment, and in an impromptu manner. Within seconds of meeting you, he can have you forgetting your own name, and have your feet stuck to the ground. Truly mind blowing entertainment!

Rodd has been booked by, and has performed for, many high profile celebrities. Celtic FC manager Brendan Rodgers, Rap Star Tinie Tempah, the Northern Ireland Football Squad, Taoiseach Enda Kenny, Teddy Sheringham, Daniel O'Donnell, and Charlie Lawson (to name a few) who incidentally hailed him 'The People's Magician'. Rodd has also filmed with, and appeared on Sky Sports and Channel 4.

As his nationwide reputation has grown, Rodd is often invited to travel to major European cities and beyond, for a single night's performance. Rodd has been booked to perform in Cape Town South Africa, Barcelona, Milan, and entertains regularly in London and Monaco.

When Rodd is not travelling the country and beyond with his memorable act, he can be found doing major stunts, such as making newspaper headline predictions live on national radio, or jumping of bridges whilst handcuffed.

Rodd is a member of The Magic Circle in London.

This young man, once seen, will never be forgotten!